Finally, recent scientific evidence reveals the truth about the ‘healing’ properties of this natural fungi..

Natural ‘Spore Broken’ Ganoderma Boosts Your Immune System, Protects You from Sickness and Obesity Related Diseases


    • Did you know… Scientific research has found that Pollysacarides (the active compound found in Ganoderma mushrooms) can actually clear blockages in your arteries (those important ‘blood-flow highways’ that carry ‘life source’ around your body)
    • Reduce the risk of diabetes and debilitating obesity related diseases (simply by including extract from this ‘magic mushroom’ in your daily diet)
    • If you ever feel fatigued or lack energy, use Ganoderma to boost your immune system (and feel your energy levels soar!)
    • Cancer is a serious worry, research has proven that this fungi has multiple anti-tumor effects
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Its no longer just another ‘mushroom’, recent studies and clinical tries have finally proven, the superior health benefits of this ‘remarkable mushroom’.


For Centuries, Only the Ancient Tribes of South East Asia (and a handful of Herbalists), Have Known ‘The Truth about the Health Benefits of this Natural ‘Magic’ Mushroom!’

Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for red reishi mushrooms or as it is sometimes referred as ‘the miracle mushroom ‘. It’s basically a fungus found in specific tropical areas in Asia. (The specific areas where the potent mushrooms are found, are in specific climates where nutrients in the soil and environment are essential).

You may have heard of other less potent variants of this species of fungi being distributed and it’s a shame that you may not know about the ‘Premium variant of Red Reishi from the tropics’, (you get the real deal!)reshi-mushroom

Studies have found that Premium Red Reishi from the tropical regions of South East Asia contain more ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­water-soluble polysaccharides (I know it’s hard to pronounce), however these details are essential if you want to ‘weed out’ the (let’s just say, lower quality crop), than any other natural source anywhere!

You may have heard of Ganoderma but what exactly are the health benefits of this Amazing Mushroom?

Watch this video from the Channel 10 News reporting on Ganoderma Research at the University of Western Sydney, Australia..





Use Royal Reishi Ganoderma to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes and Increase Your Life Expectancy!

‘Real’ Red Resihi mushrooms grow in the tropical rain forest regions of South East Asia and are saturated with polysaccharides, (the same natural biological structures the human immune system uses to identify and kill infectious micro organisms and tumor cells.

These natural cell structures have been found in other natural sources in small quantities but never before have herbalists or medical researchers seen anything like the vast amounts found in this exotic mushroom, cultivated in the ideal tropical climates of South East Asia.

Publications have already revealed the medical university studies in the US and other countries around the world through various news channels like the ‘BBC’ and ‘The Washington Post’. Tests confirmed this unique species of mushroom to the western world to be a true ‘life protector’.

Here’s what some studies reported..


ganoderma-newsThe US Patent was issued to Japanese researchers who had devised a natural formula for treating diabetes. The formulas main active ingredient was (you guessed it), ganoderma lucidum extract. (ref 1)

test was documented on Type II diabetes patients revealed that out of the 71 patients who were prescribed ganoderma lucidum for 12 weeks significantly reduced the blood glucose levels.

Using the ‘Ganopoly’ which is basically the ‘medicinal substance’ (extracted polysaccharides from Ganoderma. lucidum).

Shufeng Zhou from the Division of Pharmacy, School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, at the Queensland University of Technology, Queensland 4001, Australia who documented the trials concluded the test..

“..Ganopoly was efficacious and safe in lowering blood glucose concentrations.(ref 2)

Royal Reishi Ganoderma’s Ingredient Was Put to the Test..

Half of the group was given the Reishi Ganoderma extract and the other half received placebo for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, all of them were evaluated for the signs of change.

After 12 Weeks Significant Reduction in A1c Levels.

After 12 weeks, the group that received the Reishi Ganoderma extract showed SIGNIFICANT reduction of their glycosylated hemoglobin A1c, levels while the group that received the placebo had NO CHANGE or even a slight increase in all the parameters tested. The extract was also well tolerated.


Basically this means that Ganoderma lucidum could have potential therapeutic use for the treatment of diabetes.

Another Medical Study Reveals..
Another separate medical study conducted by the Institute of Vascular Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, ganoderma-coupleShatin, NT, Hong Kong added that..

“G. lucidum consumption can provide beneficial effects in treating type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) by lowering the serum glucose levels through the suppression of the hepatic PEPCK gene expression.” (ref 3)

The National Laboratory of Protein Engineering and Plant Genetic Engineering, College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, PR China reports..

“..experimental results indicate that oral route of mini-proinsulin-expressing G. lucidum can be used to control blood glucose in diabetes and to improve pancreatic cell function.”
(ref 4)


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WARNING! Blocked Arteries and Being Over-Weight Can Cause Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes and other Diseases..
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The Secret is Premium ‘Spore Broken’ Royal Reishi Ganoderma..
    • Boost and protect your immune system like no other organic substance known to mankind!
    • Prevent cold’s, flu’s, virus and general sickness
    • Protects you against diseases related to obesity and can even “reverse” signs of diabetes!
    • Eliminates stomach problems and aids the digestive system
    • Encourages a natural blood pressure
    • Restores energy, prevents exhaustion and the list goes on..

This exciting evidence is cutting edge science… with a twist.

Let me explain this to you in the easiest way I know how…
This story will blow your mind (as it did mine):

Tropical reishi mushrooms have been consumed by the young and old alike, passed from one generation to the next for literally hundreds of years, specifically for it’s unique health benefits and immune boosting effects on the body.

Western medical tests results have confirmed that 90% of men and women who consumed this mushroom boosted their immune system by over 300%..


Clinical Trial: “Boost Immune Response By 300%”
ganoderma-couple-2According to a report from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering, (The New York Cancer Hospital),

“ clinical studies, Ganoderma lucidum increased plasma antioxidant capacity and enhanced immune responses..” (ref 7)

They also report..

“Derived from the cap and stem of the mushroom, reishi mushroom is used as an immune stimulant..” (ref 7)


Clinical Trial: “Anti-Cancer Effects”

In a recent medical study report, Dr Daniel Silva PHD from the Methodist Research Institute, Clarian Health Partners, Inc., Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA, states..

“These mushrooms contain a large variety of biologically active polysaccharides with immunostimulatory properties, which contribute to their anti-cancer effects.”(ref 5)

In another test Dr Silva and his colleagues concludes..

“Ganoderma lucidum has demonstrated strong activity against breast and prostate cancer cells.” (ref 6)


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The small supply of the premium mushroom that was first exported from Asia had a huge premium cost due to the small amounts that were actually exported. These highly inflated prices still stand today since this mushroom is in extreme demand and will only increase in demand once more and more consumers in the western world discover the scientifically proven health benefits in this premium red reishi mushroom that is cultivated in these specific tropical regions.

trees (Just to put this into perspective, in these tropical climates rare plant species thrive and some trees in the tropics grow to over 100 feet high!)

The mushroom was not being cultivated on a mass scale in Asia or anywhere else..

So inadvertently the foreign businesses found stiff competition attempting to cultivate a mushroom with the same higher level health properties that is grown in tropical conditions.

You can see why these premium grown mushrooms are so scarce.. and I am more than exited to share the health secrets of this gift from mother nature, with you..

“although never once have mushrooms grown in a simulated environment matched the levels of health boosting polysaccharides found in the tropical cultivated reishi.”

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Are you still with me? Good! If you’re like me, and cringe at the thought of synthetic chemical pills poisoning your body then this gift from mother nature herself, is the best discovery since penicillin!

recomended-ganodermaEven if you have good health and fitness this is fantastic news!. Royal Reishi ganoderma is great for enforcing your immune system and health…

..because it’s an ideal way to prime your body to boost and keep your immune system in ‘tip-top’ shape so, you avoid those inevitable sick days that a low immune system is prone to!


See what people are saying about their first supply..

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I am a diabetic. My A1c is down, I am off of blood pressure medicine and looking to get off of insulin altogether. It may not work the same for everyone, but it has for me. I’m also prone to blood clots in the legs. Well needless to say it has helped in that area also in addition to cholesterol. I was never on cholesterol medicine, but my numbers have improved. Highly recommended.


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