Ganoderma and Heart Disease

Before I go into more detail about the benefits of using reishi ganoderma lucidum to help protect against heart disease developing and how it can help existing patients, if you do have heart problems you should always follow your physicians advice for the treatment and prevention of heart disease.

With that said there have been extensive medical tests and university studies on the benefits of ganoderma and heart disease that I have trawled through (so you don’t have to).

ganoderma-and-heart-diseaseSo, what exactly are the main causes of heart disease and stroke?

The simple answer is.. that your arteries (the major blood vessels in the body that allow blood to flow through them) become blocked.

You could think of them as the ‘highways’ that allow blood to carry oxygen and essential nutrients through the whole body including the heart and brain.

Over time, these main arteries can become blocked or partially blocked due to a build up of calcium on the artery walls.

To cut a long story short, the foods we eat, the lifestyle we live and the toxins that are present in our bodies can all add to the build up of the calcium in the arteries.

If the arteries become blocked to the extent that the heart or brain can no longer receive the appropriate amount of oxygen or nutrients from blood flow, the result is heart disease and/or stroke.

The evidence I uncovered relates to the effects of Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) on the blockages in arteries. There is evidence that this mushroom can actually prevent and reverse the blockages in arteries!

Click here to watch the video about how Ganoderma reduces blockages in arteries..


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