Media Coverage Reveals ‘Anecdotal Evidence’ for Ganoderma
Fox 7 News reports on the health benefits of Ganoderma..


Dr Wilkinson Part 1: Proof some mushrooms have powerful anti-inflammatory agents

Reported by the BBC , United Kingdom: Dr John Wilkinson, of Middlesex University, insists laboratory tests show the mushrooms live up to the claims.


approved“Reishi mushrooms have a very strong reputation going back thousands of years for the treatment of swelling conditions and aches and pains,” he says.

“Recently we found that these mushrooms contain a whole group of compounds called triturpinoids, and it’s known in the literature that these are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.”


Dr Wilkinson runs a degree course in Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University, the first of its kind in the Western world.

He has gathered the results of laboratory tests on medicinal mushrooms, including reishi and shitake mushrooms and says there is growing evidence that they can boost the response of the immune system.

We know what the compounds are that seem to be causing that activity, and there’s very strong anecdotal evidence, and so we’re beginning to see the possibility of these kinds of mushrooms being used for serious disease states.

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Listen to a short excerpt of this interview (part 2)

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Dr Wilkinson Part 2: A lot of anecdotal evidence

approvedIn China, the full list of medicinal herbs and funghi – known as the “materia medica” – runs to 7,000 species. That compares to just 300 species used regularly in Britain.

Dr Wilkinson says far more research is carried out into the medicinal benefits of mushrooms in Asia than in the West.

But, he says, there is a growing body of clinical evidence that these mushrooms can help in treating illness and that should encourage western scientists to follow Asia’s lead.

yes“Well first of all there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that goes back over many thousands of years. The Chinese particularly and Japanese have been using these mushrooms as tonics over a long period of time.”

“And then later on chemicals, compounds, have been found in mushrooms which are fairly unique and have been shown to enhance the immune system in animal models, and also in small-scale clinical trials,” he says.

“And so potentially this has got very exciting applications for immune-compromised individuals, but also for people who also want a tonic, who are low for some reason.”

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